Watch Me Sports Download Instructions

1. Log into the player by using the email & password where you purchased the PayAll rights to view the event.
2. Click on the event you purchased on the right-hand schedule.CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE
3. Select the download feature in the menu over the video player by scrolling your mouse over the video. CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE
4. Choose from the archives what you want to own and click purchase. CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE
5. Verify the archives you want and enter payment information (make sure the zip code matches the zip code.) Once all payment steps are complete, click on the download feature above the player again.CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE
6. Select the archive you purchased on the right and the .asf file on the left and click the DOWNLOAD FILE button in the center. CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE
7. Click the destination of the download (typically your video files and will be in the Windows Media Player format), rename it, and it is YOURS! CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE