Venum "Elite" Boxing Gloves

Venum "Elite" Boxing Gloves

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For us, being part of the elite is not given as a matter of course.

That should be the result of hard work, merit and personality! So our “Elite” boxing gloves are fully handmade in Thailand with a 100% Skintex leather conception in order to bring you the highest fighting experience at the best price.

We used triple density foam for an unbelievable balanced shock distribution: fight after fight, you will be able to increase your striking level while minimizing the stressful sensation at the impact areas.

Their strategic mesh panels combined with their ergonomic shape will bring you the ultimate comfort during your training and fight. Add to these reinforced seams and you obtain an unbelievable durability: be sure that our boxing gloves will never bring you down.

Training hard, long and well: that is the daily basis of an elite fighter!
  • Premium Semi leather construction
  • Specific mesh panel placed under the fist for a great thermal regulation
  • Triple Density foam. - Reinforced palm for a maximum absorption
  • 100% full attached thumb for a better injury prevention
  • Strengthened seams for a long-lasting quality
Sizing Chart

A simple method to determine the size of the glove you’ll need is to measure the circumference of your hand, just below the knuckles. You will measure your dominate hand. Once you have your measurement use the chart below to determine your size. Also,


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Good all-around Thai style glove, but not the same as it was
Having owned and used these gloves, I will say that they are good, but the newer gloves seem to skimp on quality.
I originally bought the 16oz black (with red white grey thumb) and it immediately became my go-to glove for bag and pad work. It had a "locked thumb" in which the thumb is attached at the web, and it made for a very comfortable closed fist.
A couple years later, I ordered the white pair (also 16oz.) and noticed some differences:
The padding is much softer and more like a pillow. Honestly, your sparring partner may appreciate the new model, if you aren't trying to take his/her head off. The folds on the side of the glove are uneven and sloppy looking and the stitching is a little wobbly. Not representative of typical Thai quality. Also, they changed to an attached thumb, from a locked thumb. Which may not affect everybody, but if you're used to one or the other, you'll notice.

Both the old and new versions of this glove are very roomy. if you don't wrap, you'll slide around inside the glove. Evenly distributed padding. Decent wrist support and good palm padding. The Skintex (synthetic) leather is soft, but very tough. The screen printed design holds up and stays new-looking.
I still think this is a good glove for bag work and light sparring, (and I think Venum is a great company!) much higher quality material and construction than their Contender model. That being said: if you're looking for an entry level glove (Venum Contender), or a fitness glove (Ringside Apex Bag), there are better options for less money. Review by Punchy McLimpwrist / (Posted on 10/24/2016)

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