Valor Leg Curl Extension Machine

Valor Leg Curl Extension Machine

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The Valor CC-4 allows the user to perform two key leg movements while staying seated in the same location. Leg Extensions and Leg Curls.
The CC-4 comes with an easy to use Sun Dial adjuster which allows the user to increase the range of motion to accommodate as well as determine when resistance is applied. This feature is accessible on both the extension and curl function.
The back seat rest can be adjusted forwards or backwards depending on your body size. Once in place there is an adjustable thigh support that allows your legs to be held in place during your leg curl exercise. This padded support bar applies pressure on your thighs which will keep your legs firmly in place allowing your hamstrings maximum performance during your work out.
  • Performs both leg curl and hamstring extension exercises
  • Constructed of solid steel, rubber and vinyl-covered foam
  • Sun dial adjuster allows you to increase range of motion and resistance
  • Back seat rest can be adjusted forward or backward
  • Adjustable, padded thigh support allows your legs to be held comfortably in place

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