Valor BB-15 15lb Weighted Exercise Bar

Valor BB-15 15lb Weighted Exercise Bar

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The Valor Fitness Weighted Exercise Bar can be used in conjunction with our EJ-6 Exercise Ball, AST-27 Aerobic Step, and Valor Fitness Conditioning Bands.
The exercise potential is virtually endless with benefits to your Back, Abs, Chest, Legs, Shoulders and Arms:
Squats, Plie Squats, Dead Lifts, Standing Abduction / Adduction, Standing Hamstring Curl, Side-lying Hip, Abduction / Adduction, Standing Hip Extensions, Upright Row, Bent Over Row, Reverse Fly, Bridge, Back Extension, Chest Press, Pull Over, Chest Fly, Ab Curl, Oblique Twist and Reverse Ab Curl.
  • Steel Core Construction
  • Foam Grip
  • Red Plastic End Cap
  • 48 in length
  • 4.5 in circumference grip

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