Ringside Executive Team Bios

Current title and duties, past employee experience, areas of expertise, education and any affiliations.

Doug Skeens – President & CEO
Doug Skeens is President of Combat Brands, proud manufacturer of Ringside boxing equipment. Doug has more than a decade of experience working in a manufacturing environment responsible for improving the quality and reliability of products. Doug uses this experience to ensure that Ringside products are designed to be the safest and longest lasting products available. During Doug’s experience in the retail environment, he acquired the passion and skill set to make the customers’ needs a first priority. Doug instills this passion at Ringside and strives each day to improve the customer experience through better service, cutting edge products, and the continued effort to make every customer a Ringside fan. When not helping to make Ringside “The Best in Boxing”, Doug enjoys time in the outdoors with family and friends.

Barbara Yoksh – Vice President of Human Resources
Barbara has been with Ringside since 2007. She has worn numerous hats over the years and is currently Vice President of Human Resources, Tournament Director, Facility Manager and Special Projects. Barbara manages Ringside’s annual tournaments -- starting with the masters-only event of 100 participants, up to the Ringside World Championships tournament with 1,500 amateur boxing participants from the U.S. and seven-ten other countries. Outside the office Barbara enjoys time with her husband and trips to the family place in the Ozarks with family and friends.

Darrin Clauder – Vice President of Operations
Darrin started his career at Ringside in 1995, working in the warehouse. He quickly found a home within the product development department and for more than 15 years, has been instrumental in the design, testing, acquisition, launching and business analytics for thousands of products. He takes great pride in knowing that his team has helped advance the sweet science of boxing into the 21st century. In his spare time he enjoys building custom furniture and practicing/coaching a variety of sports with his two children.

Albert Guardado – Product Support Supervisor
Albert is a retired boxer and long time Ringside team member. He was a member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic Boxing Team (Atlanta, GA) and former member of USA Boxing’s Board of Directors. Albert is a three time USA Boxing National Champion, as well as the 1992 National P.A.L. Champion. He also medaled in the 1993 World Championships, 1994 Goodwill Games and 1995 Pan-American Games. Albert continues to share his extensive boxing knowledge by coaching, blogging and assisting with tournament administration at events supported by Ringside.