Stroops Slastix® Loops Resistance Bands

Stroops Slastix® Loops Resistance Bands

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Slastix® Loops provide comfort and durability for all your reistance workouts. Grab anywhere you want with no skin irritation an no need for handles and cuffs. The loops can be used for both upper and lower body toning. The safety sleeve™ covering providesa built in stretch limitation for increased product life and safety for the user. Warranted against breakage for 6 months from the date of purchase. They are available in light, medium, and heavy.

F1SLL025 = Light - Yellow
F1SLM050 = Medium - Red
F1SLH100 = Heavy - Blue
  • Slastix® takes the multi-purpose elastic exercise band and expands and enhances its features.
  • Use for more dynamic stretching, and allow for a steadier, more gradual increase in the stretch
  • Enables 'weight-less” weight training
  • Resistance with comfort during any type of workout or drill
  • They are available in light, medium, and heavy resistance

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