SportsArt P773 Cable Tower

SportsArt P773 Cable Tower

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The SportsArt Performance strength series combines quality and value in an elegant circuit of over 20 stations designed to fit any budget. A lower stack height and compact footprint make it ideal for any sized facility. Dual swivel pulleys adjust vertically and lock into place, allowing for functional training from virtually any angle. 36 incremental adjustments for the ultimate in customization. Easy grip bars stabilize during balance challenging workouts • 4to1 one hand and 2to1 two hand ratios provide versatility for personal and sport-specific training.
Due to the extreme weight of this item, you must call to order 1-800-421-1791 or email to get a quote.
**Only Ships to Lower 48 States**
  • Spring-lock release knobs make for easy intuitive changeover
  • Adjustable seat-back cushion keeps posture correct
  • Adjustable cylindrical cushion provides comfortable ankle support
  • Magnetized stack-fork

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