Shower Tiles Flooring

Shower Tiles Flooring

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Shower Tiles are the perfect solution for locker rooms, whirlpool/steam rooms and anywhere where water exists. Shower Tiles gridded PVC tiles have the ability to drain water and therefore do not support the growth of bacteria and molds. Most important, they’re comfortable to walk across. Many other tiles can be uncomfortable to bare feet, but the rounded grid of our tiles makes it a pleasure to stroll on.

Please contact us 1-800-421-1791 or email for a price and shipping quote. We are happy to assist you with your flooring needs.
  • PVC constructed
  • Mold and fungas resistant
  • Shower tiles are interlocking 12 in x 12 in tiles that are 3/4 in thick.
  • Available in: Clear: Royal, Gold, Black, Red, Navy and Gray

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