Kamagon Exercise Ball 9 inch 1-13 lbs

Kamagon Exercise Ball 9 inch 1-13 lbs

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The Kamagon Ball is a breakthrough product in sports performance and the next step in the evolution of fitness training. The Kamagon Ball is different than other fitness equipment because the Kamagon Ball uses Hydro-Inertia to create the challenge and engage the muscles. When filled with water to desired resistance, it requires focus and concentration on proper form and engagement of stabilizing muscles to strengthen connective tissue. This means the utilization of previously untapped muscles and creates a more beneficial workout. Two handles allow for multiple grip options and are great for floor slams. Safer for your floors or your feet with accidental drops then kettlebells. Imprinted water lines allow for accurate water measurement.
  • Hydro-inertia creates instability throughout exercises
  • Use just like a kettle bell, medicine ball, dumbbell and weight plate
  • Various handles allow for multiple grip options
  • Holds up to 13 lbs of water
  • Proudly made in the USA

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