Hayabusa Pro Training Micro Mitts

Hayabusa Pro Training Micro Mitts

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Once you experience Hayabusa’s Pro Training™ Micro Mitts, you will understand how focus pads should truly feel. Too many cheaply constructed pads on the market do an extremely poor job, when it comes to performance and protection for the holder, and are simply inferior for the needs of the striker. Common issues include; pads being too heavy, which hinders movement and speed, improper fit, which causes sliding and twisting, thus requiring constant readjustments, improper striking surface, no wrist protection, and/or slippery linings that do not breathe well. These micro mitts are designed for building the fastest, most powerful strikes possible. Being ultra compact and lightweight, these mitts allow a level of manoeuvrability that has never before been achieved. With a non slip inner surface, secure fit and an ergonomic wrist ridge, expect a flawless and secure fit and comfortable feel. Because of the sleek and innovative design, the Pro Training™ Micro Mitts will start to increase your level of striking precision, speed and power from the very first training session.

Ultra compact, lightweight design for flawless maneuverability and maximum control

Guaranteed to increase striking precision, power, and speed

Exclusive air dome™ proprietary core for unmatched impact absorption

Inner glove design with non slip palm surface for ultimate stability and secure fit

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