Hampton Fixed Straight Bar

Hampton Fixed Straight Bar

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Add training versatility to your facility with a high quality fixed weight barbell set by Hampton Fitness. Each solid steel pro-style barbell bar is coated in a Hard Chrome plating that resists chipping and flaking. This plating is a sometimes overlooked necessity of the pro-style barbell but is important because of the constant wear and tear these bars have to endure in a commercial environment. Simply coating these bars with a "decorative" type of chrome would soon peel off exposing the bare steel underneath. Hampton Fitness FBG Pro-Style Barbell sets feature a recessed center hole which allows the end cap and bolt to sit deeper into the face of the barbell making it a more user friendly design. The Dura-Lock barbell end cap system utilizes a heavy-duty lock washer that places constant tension on the head of the bolt keeping it from loosening as often as Allen head bolts. This keeps your commercial barbells tighter for a much longer period of time than conventional pro-style barbell designs, which is especially useful on heavier sizes that create more force and impact when dropped. A complete Pro-Style barbell set allows users to perform barbell exercises such as barbell curl drop sets for biceps and allows multiple gym members to use different bars for performing many exercises in multiple locations in the gym. These bars can be incorporated with a weight bench or preacher curl bench or can be used while standing for bicep curls and overhead tricep extensions.
  • Medium diamond knurl with hard chrome plating that will not peel or flake
  • Low profile hex head bolting system
  • Weight sizes engraved on faceplates for easy identification
  • Twice baked gray enamel finish over cast iron plates
  • Solid steel chrome-plated Dura-Lock end caps

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