Glider Exercise System - Group Kit for Hardwood

Glider Exercise System - Group Kit for Hardwood

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The Gliding™ sliding disc exercise system allows for smooth, fluid, graceful movements. Gliding™ exercises are extremely versatile and can be structured into a stand-alone Gliding™ class or incorporated into your existing class format. Gliding™ exercises work multiple muscles while engaging core stabilization throughout the range of motion. Simplicity of movement makes this unique exercise system adaptable. You can incorporate it into virtually into any class format, including Hi-Low, Step, Pilates, Yoga, Core Conditioning, Strength and many more. Specifically designed sliding discs transform exercise movements into smooth, graceful lines of flowing motion. They help you achieve optimal range of motion more easily and consistently with many exercises. New and effective lunge variations and combinations can now be competently performed. The entire movement becomes engaging and purposeful. Simply put, it adds a smooth touch onto tough stuff! These unique sliding discs are lightweight, compact, and come in versions specially designed for both hard wood and carpeted floors. The Group Exercise Kit contains 25 pairs of discs for hardwood, a storage box, Total Body Fitness DVD, Personal Trainers DVD, instructional manual and marketing materials on a CD-ROM. The Group kits require single-site license which is issued with the product.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Contains 25 pairs of discs for hardwood floors
  • Requires single-site license which is used with the product
  • Contains Fitness DVD, Personal Trainers DVD, and instructional manual

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