Fitness First Ultimate Adjustable Speed Cable Jump Rope

Fitness First Ultimate Adjustable Speed Cable Jump Rope

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The ALL NEW Fitness First Adjustable Steel Wire Jump Rope with aluminum alloy handles! Train like the pro's whether you are participating in crossfit, boxing, mma, or just getting in a home workout, this jump rope fits all. Perfect WOD rope for anyone from a beginner to an expert. Made from the highest quality materials to ensure ultra fast spinning and maximum life. Easy to adjust using two sliding screws and collars that sets the handles at a specific length on the cable. Excess cable length can be cut off for convenience and you have your custom sized jump rope.
  • 6" Lightweight and sturdy aluminum alloy handles
  • Durable PVC coated steel wire 10 Foot cable
  • Hand screws for total adjustability
  • Secure rubber end caps

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