Fairtex Maddox III Hybrid

Fairtex Maddox III Hybrid

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A combination of MAX-BAG and MADDOX so you get throwing bag, free standing bag, grappling dummy, hanging heavy bag, target simulating heavy bag in one single product. MAX-BAG owner can combine top part to their existing base of MAX-BAG immediately to add function. 1. Focusing on the target such as face, chin, arm, neck, belly, etc. Good for Muay Thai practicing and other martial arts as well such as Judo, Krav Maga etc. 2. Take top part out from the base, throw it to the ground and enjoy some grapplings. Still being good for ground and pound and position control. 3. Detachable pieces: top and base Top one functions as throwing bag, grappling dummy, free standing bag and heavy bag (extra installation kit provided) 4. Installation kit provided to hook and hand it like heavy bag. 5. 360 degree training the same as MAX-BAG foam-based free stadning bag. Add variation to your drills. 6. The same base as "Max Bag" foam-based free standing bag. No need to fill water, low kick is possible. If you have already owned "Max Bag" you can buy only top part. 7. No water leakage. X cross nylon straps underneath to prevent your floor to be scratched.
  • The evolved and improved version of the world's best grappling dummy
  • Heavy duty pads constructed of Fairtex durable syntek leather
  • Allows full force leg kicking without having to move your kick pads or focus mitts
  • Shoulder system designed to realistically perform triangle chokes, arm bars and arm triangles
  • This is the full set that includes dummy/bag, hanging kit and the freestanding base

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