DuraFLEX Flooring

DuraFLEX Flooring

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DuraFLEX is an interlocking premium fitness flooring system engineered and designed with a focus to maximize comfort, durability, functionality and visual appeal. Choose from a multitude of standard or custom color combinations for complete design integration. Match colors to your equipment or the predominant scheme of your center. Channel traffic, or separate fitness areas through the creative use of design.

DuraFLEX was engineered for heavy traffic and heavy equipment. The DuraFLEX hollow-core technology creates air space under the surfacing system, providing unparalleled resilience to ease joint and muscle strain and help prevent injuries associated with repetitive motion. The hollow-core also raises the surface off the subfloor creating the perfect medium for safely routing cables and wiring. At 1.25 inches thick, DuraFLEX also offers Superior sound insulation and shock absorption to reduce vibration and sound travel both within your club as well as in the spaces adjacent to or underneath your club.

DuraFLEX is available in our Plus and Premium Series to meet any budget or design requirement.

The Plus Series is manufactured utilizing 100% recycled rubber. Elongated rubber strands are utilized in the top wear course of the product for increased durability and a smooth visual texture. Color is achieved through the use of specially formulated pigments. DuraFLEX Plus is ideal for tough high traffic environments or where a solid color scheme is desired.

While offering the same durability as the Basic Series, DuraFLEX Premium offers a multitude of both vibrant and earth tone colors that can be mixed and matched to create virtually any look that is desired. DuraFLEX is manufactured with an EPDM rubber granule on the wear layer to provide a speckled appearance. Pattern, texture and color capabilities are the hallmarks of the DuraFLEX Series.

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