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  • A Buyer's Guide to Punching Bags: What Style Is Right for You?

    buyers guide punching bagsFor an aspiring boxer, mixed martial artist or fighter in training, there’s no piece of equipment more vital than the punching bag. These durable bags act as practice targets for helping you perfect your punching and kicking techniques, even when you don’t have a real-life opponent on hand. But just like the rest of your sports equipment, your punching bag should be tailored to your particular athletic goals, so understanding which style, size and material you need is important to training, especially if your goal is to push yourself further in a way that’s both safe and efficient. Continue reading
  • Boxing Training for Beginners: How to Train Like a Professional

    Boxing Training for Beginners How to Train Like a Professional

    boxer jumping rope

    Tired of getting your butt kicked? Or maybe you’re just looking for a great workout and a fun way to stay in shape? Whatever the case may be, boxing is an incredible sport that helps propel athletes to the next level. Boxers can get a much better workout than most traditional gym workouts. I like to think this is because a treadmill or elliptical cannot punch you in the face. You will work much harder when your partner is actively pushing you and flailing punches in your direction.
    Continue reading

  • Expert's Guide to Choosing the Best MMA Gear

    Overhead view of the MMA ring known as the Octagon

    Looking to maximize your mixed martial arts potential? A great coach will tell you to always go for the knockout, control the fight, and choose the best MMA gear. Mixed martial arts is one of the toughest sports in the world, and you need gear that can keep up with you. Continue reading

  • 5 Crucial Features of High-Quality Boxing Shoes

    two boxers mid fight

    When your opponent squares off to you and is attempting to take jabs at your head with every blow, you have no time to lose. You have to be able to move, and move quickly! An effective movement starts from the ground up—with your shoes, specifically. You are the strongest when you are well-grounded, and a fighter who cannot get his footing would be annihilated in a match. Footwork and footwear become crucial when the competition heats up. One false step can lead to dis-balance, which can expose you and turn the tide of the fight. Continue reading

  • Boxing Essentials: Why Proper Headgear Matters

    For pro and amateur fighters, getting clocked is a way of life. You simply can’t engage in the sport of boxing without accepting one simple fact: you will get hit. Thankfully, there are relatively simple ways to minimize injury, so you can focus on more important things, like perfecting your uppercut or bob and weave.

    boxers in ring wearing headgear Continue reading

  • 3 Key Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Boxing Gloves

    At a glance, boxing gloves all look pretty much the same, whether they’re made for men, women, kids, amateurs or professionals. Traditionally, a boxing glove’s anatomy is as follows: it has a ballooned, curled-top portion to protect hands and absorb impact, plus a hook and loop cuff for a tight, precise fit.

    boxing pair Continue reading

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