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  • Product Spotlight: Why We Love Apex Gloves

    woman pink boxing gloves

    Whether you’re an aspiring boxer or a mixed martial artist, you’re going to need a quality pair of bag gloves. In order to work a heavy bag or focus mitts and ramp up the intensity, your hands and wrists will need to be protected. Mixed martial artists use grappling gloves during MMA competitions and grappling training; however, like boxers, they prefer to use bag gloves while doing boxing training specifically. Continue reading

  • MMA Gear for Beginners: 4 Must-Have Items

    mma championship ring

    Mixed martial arts is not for the faint of heart. The sports can be tough, and brutal at times. If you’re keen on training and potentially competing in these sports, you should be properly prepared. With the right equipment, you can minimize some of the wear and tear you will experience while training.
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