Acuflex 1 Modified Sit & Reach Box

Acuflex 1 Modified Sit & Reach Box

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Standard sit and reach tests use a reference point and test procedure which does not allow for variations in the length of arms and legs of the person being tested. With long arms and short legs, you will do well. With long legs and short arms, you are at a great disadvantage. We have recognized the limits of the existing test and, in conjunction with several world renowned Sports Medicine Professionals , have developed the Acuflex® I Modified Sit and Reach Test. With the Acuflex ® I, we have limited the variables and are finally testing true trunk and hamstring flexibility! Features of this unit include: Maximum reach indicator Foot plate for greater accuracy All-steel construction Adjustable tension on reach indicator Complete instructions Scales that read in inches and in centimeters.
  • All-steel construction
  • Maximum reach indicator with foot plate for greater accuracy
  • Adjustable tension on reach indicator

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