Professional Slam-N-Rope® Manilla Sport Grip with Collars

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Professional Slam-N-Rope® Manilla Sport Grip with Collars


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Professional Sport Grip™ Handles Guaranteed For 1 Year!

Rope is sold in 3 different lengths. 30, 40 and 50 foot lengths by 1.5 or 2 inches thick.
FREE training DVD bonus gift included (a $24.95 value)
Professional quality rope recommended for all commercial use where there is high volume including schools, fitness centers, personal trainers, gyms, and serious athletes.Improved, flexible patent pending Sport Grip™ handles feature our steel retaining collars to keep grips in place -- guaranteed!
Sport Grips™ take the place of the “old school” plastic end caps or duct tape & naturally flex providing a comfortable, secure grip allowing for sustained training periods at higher intensities.
Eliminates sweat so there’s no slipping and decreases hand shock and vibration.
Natural fiber manila ropes are commercial quality, strong & built to last offering a great value for the money.
Somewhat heavier than poly ropes and are the preferred rope by many professional sports teams.
Preferred choice for semi-abrasive surfaces.
For outdoor/garage/basement environment only. Some shedding will occur.
Rope is treated with a petroleum based mineral oil (to prevent mold) that causes a slight odor. This is safe and will dissipate over time.
For private/personal use, we suggest our non-collared Sport Grip™ ropes. These come with a 90 day warranty.
Get our Quick Anchor Strap Kit to quickly anchor or shorten your rope. This is the recommended way to anchor any rope.
1 year warranty.
About The DVD (1 Per Order)

In this exclusive 40 minute instructional DVD you will learn:

Why Slam-Ropes® are better than other ropes.
How rope quality matters when choosing a rope.
How to properly use your training rope.
How to choose the correct rope for your training needs.
What is the best training surface for different ropes.
Proper training guidelines
The benefits of rope training
Proper form & technique
Proper grip techniques
Determining training duration
How to set up your Anchor Strap Kit
Demonstration of 50+ Exercises
Incorporating other functional equipment
Partner training

Training Tip – The starter rope is our 1.5” 50 ft. This length is perfect for general physical preparedness & conditioning. It’s best for beginners, high school students, etc. but is also great or fit users. If more athletic conditioning is your thing, we suggest our 2” 50 ft which is excellent for specific or specialty physical preparedness and athletic conditioning.

Get multiple ropes in one and save money! The advantage of buying a 1.5” or 2” 50 ft rope is that it may be made shorter with our new Quick Anchor Strap Kit. A shorter rope is easier to use so as the user progresses, move or remove the strap. This is also great when training users of different fitness levels as you can quickly make the rope shorter for one user and remove it quickly for another.

Anchoring Tip: The recommended way to anchor your rope is to use our Single Anchor Strap Kit or Pair Anchor Strap Kit. This will prevent the possibility of your rope fraying. Two possible ways to use the anchor straps:

Single Anchor Strap Kit - Attaches to a wall mounted eye hook (not included) using the included snap hook.
Pair Anchor Strap Kit - Wrap one anchor around the anchor point, wrap the other around the center of rope and connect the two together with the included snap hook.

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