Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves


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Only the Tokushu™ series gloves contain the state of the art Deltra EG™ inner core, shown to display the highest level of glove impact characteristics for maximum performance and protection. The tokushu's patented Dual-X™ closure system and Fusion Splinting™ are sophisticated designs that ensure perfect hand/wrist alignment, optimizing striking power and injury prevention. Vylar™ is a new cutting edge engineered leather that was proven to display ultra high performance, scientifically proven in University research to be superior to other tested materials. The tokushu’s specialized Ecta™ carbonized bamboo lining deliver a comfort and quality that you only get with Hayabusa. Put your trust in Hayabusa’s tokushu™ series -the only combat equipment proven by science.

›Developed From World-Leading University Research

›Patented Dual-X™ Wrist Close and Fusion-Zone™ Wrist Splinting Designs for Perfect Hand/Wrist Alignment

›Provides state of the art injury prevention

›Maximizes Punching Power by Removing Energy Leaks

›Exclusive Engineered Leather Vylar™ for Unmatched Performance and Durability

›Unique Ecta™ Activated Carbonized Bamboo Lining for ultimate comfort, thermo regulating properties and powerful deodorizing effects

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