Fairtex Stylish Angular Sparring Glove

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Fairtex Stylish Angular Sparring Glove

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Fairtex original with extra-wide fist for maximum protection during intense sparring. Super contoured hand compartment & precurved thumb. Extended wrist padding for increased protection against punches and kicks. Triple-layer latex foam core for the heavy impact absorption.

Hand made in Thailand with top grain leather.

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Hi Quality Well Made Bag Esp for the Price Review by Tommy
Bottom line: I love this bag, esp. for the price it is a bargain. Comparing it to my older bag I predict it will last for 5-10 years no problem.

Details I like that are superior to other manufacturers:

They put leather tabs under the metal hang rings instead of just letting them press against the bag and wear on it.

They factory install a ring on the base if you want to attach to weight to anchor it.

The seams are tight and the bag is well made. The 2" of mold injected foam is like having on extra glove padding.

Surface is very smooth versus grainy like canvas. I had to get used to that because some shots were sliding off esp. hooks. But on day two none of my shots slips so maybe it was just smoother when brand new.

I have been hitting heavy bags for about 15 years and my old one was described by one of my friends as feeling like a sack of concrete. The new bag is a bit springy esp. with the soft fill feature. I anchored it down to keep it from moving around much. I should have bought the 100 pounder because I hit hard enough to move this one a lot. But after anchoring it works great without unnecessary stress on bones and joints esp. since I have chronic shoulder issues from MMA injuries. (Posted on 9/19/2013)

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