Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech™  Training Gloves

Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech™ Training Gloves


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After years of development, the all new Ringside IMF Tech Sparring Gloves are here, and represent the next generation of professional workout gloves. Injected molded foam padding is pre-curved and provides the most shock-absorbing capabilities in the business and require no break-in period. A wrap-around, hook & loop closure fits secular into the channeled wrist, making it completely unobtrusive. A supportive, segmented cuff acts as a second handwrap as it adds stability to the wrist, while a flexible upper wrist hinge allows just the right amount flexibility. Made of 100%, full grain premium leather.

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Customer Reviews

Great Gloves with a Refreshing Design Review by Bryan
I was apprehensive to buy these at first. $120 for a pair of IMF-based gloves seems a bit steep. Other IMF-based gloves from other companies usually top out at under or around $100. Hell, if you look around, you can probably find a pair (of IMF gloves) for around $50-60 from **** or even the lower-end, color-bleed Ringsides that go on sale once in a while.

So why are these particular gloves an exception? Why are they worth the money?

It's all in the design.

The segmented cuff really makes a dramatic difference in supporting your wrist. I thought it was BS marketing at first ('The segmented cuff acts as a second hand wrap,' says the guy from the video above the description), but the cuff really is effectively designed. It's a bit longer than your standard cuff, is stiffly padded like a good Thai glove, and seems to really hug your wrist and forearm. The cuff is balanced out further by a flexible wrist hinge. In essence, you're getting the best of both worlds: a flexible wrist area that aids in throwing those mid-to-long range hooks, and a stiff cuff that helps support the wrist and forearm muscles in the process. You could probably even use these for Muay Thai if you wanted to.

The quality of the gloves is also quite good. The IMF padding is firm and responsive. The leather is nice and the overall craftsmanship is very solid. It's not on the same level as that of a hand made glove (Thai gloves, Mexican brands like Reyes) but it's still very good.

My biggest gripe is probably the small hand compartment. If you're a bigger guy, the hand compartment will probably be too small. I walk around at 175 and have competed at 160, and I still find the compartment to be a bit small, especially the thumb compartment.

Other than that, these gloves are worth the asking price. Cheers. (Posted on 10/18/2013)
Highly Recommend Review by Danny Danish
I have bought 3 pairs of gloves starting from a big department store to a small gym.. i spent 50.00 on each and wound up giving them away. i wish i would of known about ringside gloves, so i would not of wasted all that money.. These are great. I got them today and they are even better then i expected, the quality is amazing, they are very well put together, and are great for Bag Work too, not just sparing.. please do not hesitate if you are thinking of getting these gloves... (Posted on 5/17/2013)
Beautiful Gloves Review by Sulli
Let me start out by saying these are beautiful gloves. They are made well. Contrary to the description, these gloves do have a break in period. My only problem with these gloves is that I have big forearms, so the velcro straps only reach to half of the top which leaves the flap sticking up on top. (Posted on 5/8/2013)
Best Glove I Ever Laced Up Review by Boze
When I first bought these pair gloves and I put them on, my first jab I threw and made contact, I was very surprise how good it felt on my hands nice fit and comfortable 18oz gloves. (Posted on 4/14/2013)
Awesome gloves Review by Jeff M.
I was skeptical. These gloves (as a trainer) are awesome. I don't even need wraps! Comfortable, don't hurt my knuckles, and great wrist support! Only issue I could see is that those folks who have larger wrists/forearms, they may be a little snug. Other than that, if you can afford them, get them. I've had Reyes as well and these blow them away. (Posted on 3/10/2013)
Nice Fit Review by tmhunt2
The gloves appear to be of very high quality and fit my hand very well. The are pretty stiff out of the box as Andres pointed out but should loosen up after a couple of work outs. They are what I have come to expect from Ringside products! (Posted on 2/6/2013)
good gloves Review by Andres
i ordered these gloves about a month ago and i have to say. so far the gloves have been excellent. the material used on the gloves is all leather. they still require a break in period. even tho theyre adverised as no break in period. they were stiff at first, took me a couple days to break in. these gloves are top end. theres no other way to go but the imf ringside pro style. i highly recommended them. (Posted on 12/23/2012)
All Around Great Gloves Review by Javon
I got these for sparring because my coach required them in his gym. I wanted something that I could use for sparring and also the bag work. So far these have been great for both even though they are advertised as a sparring gloves. (Posted on 12/11/2012)

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