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Ringside IMF Tech™ Super Bag Gloves

Product Review (submitted on May 24, 2016):
The gloves I purchased were the red, large size (hand circumference is around 9'' just below the knuckle). The gloves were a bit tight at first and needed a bit of breaking in over the course of a week. They offer some great hand protection. I like the way the overall shape of the glove as it makes it easy for me to make a tight fist and get good contact on the bag.

I only have two minor gripes, some of the stitching on the inside of the glove is a bit off center. The color of the red leather also is a bit inconsistent around the thumbs (a bit more orange than red). Obviously this is just a visual defect and really doesn't affect the function.

Overall, for the price its hard to not recommend the glove at this price point. Sure the leather isn't the greatest quality, and the stitching isn't perfect, but its hard to beat this glove at this price IMO.