Combat Sports Pyramid Interval Timer

Combat Sports Pyramid Interval Timer

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The interval timer is essential to MMA and cross-training in the gym.

›Lights that provide visual cues
›Volume control panel
›Workout periods of 1.5, 2, 3, 4 and 5 minutes
›Inerval periods of 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds
›Rest periods of 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds
›AC power control

  • Lights that provide visual cues
  • Volume control panel
  • Workout periods of 1.5-- 2-- 3-- 4 and 5 minutes
  • Interval periods of 15-- 30-- 45 and 60 seconds
  • Rest periods of 15-- 30-- 45 and 60 seconds
  • AC power control

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NICE Timmer
The first timer came in damaged. I was ticked and had an immediate need - I ordered it with 2-day shipping. But they fixed it - so read on.

One suggestion - if you order this timer don't order anything else with it - I ordered a Maize Ball with it and I think that is what damaged the original unit. It will save you some headache and it will end up saving Combat Sports a bit of shipping cost on sending a second replacement unit which will at least help a little on keeping costs down for future customers.

Shawn Brick at Combat Sports was very pro active and called me first thing the next morning to correct the issue - at not cost, and emailed me a no cost return shipping label.

They shipped out a replacement immediately with the promise to subtract the original timer's cost once the received it. To be fair, these guys don't know me at all, so it was only fair that I pay for a new unit if I wanted it immediately. That still needs to be seen, but from their reactionary speed I am sure refunding the cost of the first unit will not be an issue when they receive it.

What is wild - without going into my specific needs, Shawn and the shipping staff were ... well they went a bit overboard on the second shipment. But HEI - it worked I must say they sure insured the second shipment was safe. They bubble wrapped the box the unit came in so much you could have probably kicked it down a foot ball field and it wouldn't get damaged. Well it might have rattled the internals a bit - but when I told them what I thought the shipping problem was they definitely took care of it.

The new timer works as expected - and is what I needed for volume control and flexibility.

The timer does have 5 volume settings. The lowest is low enough to use in a basement condo at 2 AM for practice sessions. However, if you need it a bit lower placing a little styrofoam agains the side outlets will reduce the volume a bit more.

The highest volume is loud, but not as loud as professional gym timers. It could possibly be used in a small gym.
This was the only timer where I could get verification from the company and an owner that the lowest volume was low.
The individual - I think he was from Jersey that owned the Ringside Version said the lowest volume was about as low as a cell phone ringer on low. Mine is maybe a cell phone ringer on about 2-1/2, maybe 3.

The lowest volume can be heard over low music, and the second and third settings can be heard over louder music.

It does not have a clock - unfortunately, but to make up for it they have lights.
IF you can live without a clock telling you how long you have to go - this is a good option.

This is data on my unit - the picture is a little different
The Green light comes on for workout time,
Red for rest time
Yellow along with the Green for regular interval intensity - if the interval is set
Blue for high intensity with the Green - if intensity time is set.

The times are fixed,
Intervals: 0 to 60 in 15 sec sets
Rest Periods: 0 to 60 in 15 sec sets
1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 minutes for workout times

I.E. It does not have the infinite variability of some other timers - however I could not get verification on the lowest volume setting for the any other variable volume timer. The personal timers just don't cut it. Especially when your hitting speed bags, heavy bags and double end bags.

Intervals are for intervals within workout times.

For example if you set a 1.5 minute workout time for 60 second intervals you will get a 60 Second interval (Yellow * Greem) and a 30 second interval (BLUE & Green), then a rest period (RED).

I am surprised that Combat sports is not more detailed in their description.

It does not have a round counter - so basically you set it until you are done.

It has a reset button that can be pushed during any period.
It does not give you a warning tone to prepare for workout time - ehh such is life.

It has a 5-ding bell for start and stop for workout periods, and a single tone in between intervals.
The start bell is a little softer than the stop bell. Interesting - if your working out you of course want it to be a little louder. This was a good call by the designers.

The timer volume does have a tendency to creep up in volume after about 5 cycles. That is either a bug or a design feature. If it is a bug, it is a good one because of course after about 5 rounds you might need a bit louder reminder about where your are in your cycles as you get more fatigued.

The Picture has the Yellow as high intensity, and the blue on the right as regular, where as my unit is tagged the opposite. If you read while you are working out you could always change the labeling with a little tape - or not - if you want to change from starting at high intensity to starting at low intensity I don't need a label to tell me what to do. Really its no biggy.

The bulbs are regular incandescence - not the new LED's. Need a screw driver to change those out.

And yes if you have a speed bag where your platform is a little noisy, with music going you can hear it over all that.

Of course you can get an egg timer for a lot less, but then ya' gotta reset it, you might not hear it etc, etc, etc.

For my needs, music in the background, low volume at 2 AM in a condo, alternating visual cycles for regular and high intensity workouts, and RED to remind me - ok take a break STOPPPPP - this unit is perfect. Review by Mike / (Posted on 7/2/2016)

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