2012 Ringside World Championships Training Camp- Week 9

There’s less than two weeks before the first bell rings at the 2012 Ringside World Championships.  On August 1st, competition in the largest amateur boxing tournament in the world will get underway and with it, the celebration of all your hard work, determination and sacrifice.

You’ve been in camp for two months, and the prize is within sight.  The key now, in the

2012 Ringside World Championships

days leading-up to the big show, is fine-tuning and rest.  The objective of this part of camp is to maintain your conditioning and recover from the taxing workouts that constituted previous weeks of training.

Although a specific training regimen should be tailored to the individual athlete, there are several general items that should be incorporated into Week 9 of your training camp.


Eat smart.  Eat Healthy.  You’re going to need all the energy you can muster for the upcoming competition, so don’t get off track now.  Continue to fuel your body properly.  At this point, you should be on or very near your competition weight.  This will give your body plenty of time to acclimate, and you won’t have to worry about making weight at the event.  This will allow you to concentrate on your opponent, not the scale.


Continue your routine by jogging four miles, five to six days per week, at a nice, steady pace.  Feel free to throw in a few sprints here and there, but not as hard or consistently as you were in previous weeks.  Remember, the goal of this part of camp is to maintain and recover.

Gym Workout

Just like you did at the beginning of camp, insure that your fundamentals are solid in these weeks leading-up to the tournament.  Continue to work your obligatory four rounds at each station (heavy bag, shadow boxing, jump rope, mitts, etc.) at a consistent pace.  Incorporate your final two to three sessions of sparring into these remaining weeks to insure that your timing, distance and reflexes all primed for competition.

The difficult part of camp is over.  You’ve done it, but training isn’t over just yet.  Take this time to insure your fundamentals are solid, your technique is on point and your mindset is positive.  Maintain and recover.

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2012 Ringside World Championships Training Camp – Week 7

T minus three weeks and counting until the first punch is thrown at the 2012 Ringside

2012 Ringside World Championships

World Championships in Kansas City.  Your victory is earned in the weeks and months leading up to the event.  It’s what you do NOW that insures a great performance then.

The tournament itself is the culmination of all the effort you’ve invested, all the hours in the gym, all the punches thrown, all the miles logged on the track.  It is where you showcase the skill you’ve developed and the conditioning you’ve built.  It’s a time for celebration.

To get there, it’s important that you stay focused and dedicated during the final weeks of camp.  During these next two weeks, specifically, we will make an all-out, final push in our preparations.

Although a specific training regimen should be tailored to the individual athlete, there are several general items that should be incorporated into Week 7 of your training camp.


Continue to fuel your body with a healthy diet, the benefits of which are numerous.  It will give you the power to fight through these remaining weeks of camp, which means you’ll be in better shape for competition and more energized during the bouts.  It will also help you reach and/or maintain your competition weight more efficiently.  This can’t be stressed enough – don’t wait until the last minute to cut weight!  Preferably, you should be at your competition weight a week before the tournament.


At this point, you should be consistently running at least four miles, five to six days per week.  Your pace should be brisk and challenging.  Continue incorporating sprints or intervals into your routine.  During your bout there will be times of high and low output, relatively speaking, so your roadwork should mimic this pattern.

As an option, you can try alternating between distance and interval runs.  One day, run for your obligatory four miles, and the next day, perform an interval routine where you focus on giving spurts of 100% output.

Gym Workout

Your gym workouts should be intense and taxing.  Give it all you got, and leave it all in the

Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero

gym.  Work at least four, three-minute rounds at each station (shadow boxing, mitts, speed bag, heavy bag, etc.).  While you’re training, picture yourself in the ring, at the tournament, with your opponent in front of you.  Imagine various situations and your reactions to them.  Having rehearsed the scenarios in your head, during training, you will be better prepared when the time comes to perform.

You should be consistently sparring two times per week for three to four, three minute rounds.  You can even incorporate a mock-bout by staging an actual competition match in your gym.  Have your coach wrap your hands with gauze and tape, just like he will at the tournament.  Wear your uniform, have your coach be the referee and sit between rounds.  The objective of this exercise is to get better accustomed to the atmosphere of an actual competitive match.

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Official Equipment Supplier of the National Golden Gloves

The National Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions is the most well-known

Golden Gloves

competition in amateur boxing.  Winners of the tournament earn the recognition of being the best-of-the-best and have their names etched in the record books alongside past champions, such as Muhammad Ali, Ray Leonard and Oscar De La Hoya.

This year’s tournament begins Monday at the Casablanca Resort Casino in Mesquite, Nevada, kicking-off six days of intense competition between the best amateur boxer’s in the country.

Ringside is proud to be the official equipment supplier of the National Golden Gloves, and contribute to the success of this prestigious event and the athletes taking part in it.  Ringside representatives will be on site with a full equipment showroom to assist you, and tournament merchandise is now available on ringside.com.

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Good luck to all participants!

2012 Ringside Masters World Championships

This weekend, March 30 - 31, Ringside will host the first ever Ringside Masters World

2012 Ringside Masters World Championships

Championships in Kansas City, MO.  The tournament is open to men and women athletes over the age of 34.  More than 80 Masters competitors registered for the amateur boxing tournament, the most senior, an outstanding 77 years of age.    

All possible precautions are being implemented to insure the safety of the athletes.  The boxers are being required to compete in 16 oz. sparring gloves and well-padded headgear. Each round will be 1 minute in length.

Although Masters competition takes place at the Ringside World Championships every August, opportunities for Masters boxers to compete are still scarce, so Ringside felt it appropriate to provide another stage for these passionate, hard working and dedicated competitors to shine. 

John Brown, Owner/CEO of Ringside, Inc. and tournament director, states, “You would be

John Brown at Masters Tournament Orientation Meeting

amazed at the competition these mature folks provide. They have an incredible passion for the sport. Some have experience and some have none. All opponents are matched within 10 years in age, 10 pounds in weight, and equal experience. It makes me proud to be a part of such a special event.”

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