Cotto Vs Martinez Fight Preview

Fight Location:

Madison Square Garden, New York City (MSG)

Boxing Records & Odds:

Sergio Martinez 51-2-2, 28 KOs (-250) VS Miguel Cotto 38-4, 31 KOs (+200)

MSG Undercard:

Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. (23-3-1, 19 KOs) VS Marvin Sonsona (18-1-1, 15 KOs)

Cotto VS Martinez Preview:

Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Martinez is shaping up to be an epic fight. Negotiations for this fight were on and off for months, and with the actual fight coming up on June 7, boxing fans can expect an epic showdown. If Cotto wins, he will become the first Puerto Rican to win in 4 weight classes.

Martinez, representing Argentina, is attempting his 7th defense of the 160 lb weight class!

Things have already turned ugly, with Cotto saying: “Boxing is a business. When I had to fight Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather, I was the B-side of the equation. (In this fight) here, Sergio is the B-side of the equation- the one who is going to sell the tickets is (the A side) and that’s me.”

Martinez responded with some of his own venom: “He acts like a little girl, like a 16 year old girl. It’s ridiculous. But I think that a lot of the things that he does are ridiculous…he has a personality that bothers me.”

Here is a breakdown of each boxer, followed by a prediction:

Miguel Cotto Profile

Standing at 5’7 with a 67 inch reach, Cotto doesn’t match up well with Martinez, who stands at 5’10 and has a 73 inch reach. But Cotto is 6 years younger at 33, and is coming off of a TKO, whereas Martinez’s last few fights were close calls. Cotto is an offensive machine though, and isn’t afraid to go toward an opponent with a barrage of body shots- over the course of a few rounds, Cotto is definitely able to wear out an opponent. And when he gets to the head shots in later rounds, Cotto is usually in a position to go for the knockout after wearing down his opponent. Although he is no defensive stalwart, Cotto has proved that he can take quite a few hits over the course of a bout, and for him, that may be what gives him the chance for victory here.

Sergio Martinez profile

Martinez does not posses the punching prowess of Miguel Cotto, but he makes up for it with precise timing, and very skilled movement. He differs from Cotto in the sense that he does not feel the need to attack his opponent straight on, and will pick his spots more carefully. And with the height and wingspan advantage, Martinez may be able to keep Cotto at bay for a lot of the fight. The main knocks on Martinez is that he isn’t the world’s greatest puncher, and perhaps more troubling, is his penchant for theatrics, which could get him into trouble. Martinez likes to put on a show, and if he gets distracted, Cotto could make him pay for it. And with a troublesome right knee in which he had many operations on, Martinez cannot afford to get caught by Cotto.


Martinez possesses all the qualities you want in a fighter: long wingspan, height, boxing acumen, experience, and knockout ability. The problem though, is that he lacks something that his opponent has: pure punching ability. Once Cotto gets comfortable in the 3rd or 4th round, he will likely throw a consistent barrage of body shots over the course of the next few rounds. If he lands them well, it will probably tire out the older Martinez, and set him up to be knocked out in a later round. Cotto is younger, quicker, and stronger. I don’t seem his losing this fight to the craftier Martinez.

Cotto will KO Martinez in 9th Round.


5 thoughts on “Cotto Vs Martinez Fight Preview

  1. This will be a good fight thats for sure . Who will win this bout , who knows . But we can break down some facts . Martinez has the advantage in height but cotto has proven many times he fights very well against higher fighters so this is a none issue unless Martinez comes to only box run and move using his reach advantage but even there cotto has done very well moving in and taking the fight with good body movements . On the punching power department I think we can conclude both fighters have heavy hands and knocking power . Who can withstand better a punch is a no brainer , thats Cotto who has withstand the onslaught of many a fighter without being knockout . Sergios chin seems to be kindof delicate as has been proven by his recent fights . In his recently fought bouts Martinez has been seen not as in his earlier fights . I am sure this is because of his age which never forgives . His knee is a big mystery after a operation ,plus the most important aspect of a fighter is his legs and after coming from knee surgery there is no way it’s not going to bother him phisically and mentally . I see Martinez using his reach , jabbing and moving constantly and bringing it on ocasionally . I see Cotto running after Martinez trying to corner him and use his body punching ability and power .
    Martinez will not be able to knock Cotto out and if he does win with a knockout it will be a tko type knockout . If Cotto wins it might very well be by knockout or tko or by score cards . There is just one more thing to add and that is weight . Cotto is going up and that could be a factor against Cotto . It all depends on his trainning and we all know how Freddie Roach is as a trainner and coach . It will be a good fight to see . Personally I see Cotto winning but truth be told its a toss up .

  2. You must be thinking about the wrong Martinez. Sergio hasn’t lost in years — a disputed decision to Paul Williams, which he avenged with a vicious KO. He definitely didn’t lose his last fight. Go back to the drawing board on this one

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